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Guardian Glass is changing the way the world experiences glass

In our Science & Technology Center and in manufacturing facilities around the globe, we work continuously to make glass perform in new ways—solving the customer needs of today and discovering the potential of glass for tomorrow.
Science & Technology Center
In 2000, we opened our 50,000 sq. ft. Science & Technology Center dedicated to research and development, with specialized labs, a simulated production line and intensive product testing tools.
Advance your project

Improve safety. Increase comfort. Conserve energy. Lower cost. Look new longer. Every time you make a choice about glass, you have an opportunity to make your project stronger, smarter, better looking. 
Our approach pairs sophisticated manufacturing capabilities with deep research into the chemical nature of glass and ceramics. As a result, we can infuse glass with properties that optimize its performance for any purpose and environment. We’ve registered more than 700 U.S. patents, but the real value is glass that offers exceptional durability, ultraviolet protection, heat retention, reflection, solar transmission and more.
Apply our science
Open the doors to our Science & Technology Center and you’ll find more than 80 scientists, engineers and technicians achieving new levels of sophistication in glass making—and new applications for glass.
Our researchers analyze the chemical composition of glass down to the atomic particle. They simulate and perfect production processes. They put each new product to the test—bombarding it with intense light rays, subjecting it to everyday hazards from corrosive fluids to coffee cups, and exposing it to high winds, bitter cold and scalding heat. Advancements are applied across our product lines, transferring Guardian Glass innovations from one industry to another.
Science & Technology Center staff represents a wide range of disciplines and parts of the world. Some arrive from other scientific arenas, others are glass industry veterans. Diverse by intention, these innovators ensure our perspective is fresh and dynamic. The talented leaders and their teams at Guardian plants around the globe are rewarded for improving products and processes. Production is continually elevated through lean processes to ensure everything we do adds quality, efficiency and value to our customers.
You have a partner at Guardian Glass
We are here to innovate. And we are here for you. We act with accountability for our products throughout their lifecycle. Our commitment to you begins with product concepts and feasibility studies and carries through product development and testing. It expands as we scale production to make our glass cost-effective. We do everything we can to ensure our solution makes you successful. lt’s not unusual to find Guardian people onsite, helping fabricators, architects and others get outstanding results with glass.

Together with our customers, Guardian Glass is taking glass to new places.
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