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Bright ideas by design

Whether you’re flooding a stadium with light so fans don’t miss a play or lighting a roadway for optimal viewing and safety, Guardian glass lenses give you leading-edge performance and unmatched design flexibility. When your lighting application demands the best, consider the durability and clarity of Guardian lighting solutions without sacrificing energy efficiency or light transmission. 

Guardian lighting solutions are easy to retrofit to your existing fixtures for sports, highways, industry, architecture, landscaping, medical and more. Built to your specifications, Guardian offers innovations supported by an integrated supply chain and global fabrication services.

Optimize your lighting
Combine Guardian lighting solutions with performance coatings to enhance your lighting.

Reveal more
Guardian lighting solutions give you optimal performance, flexibility and control over lighting design. Transmit more light with less residual reflection. Soften the scenery with an etched glass option that diffuses light. Capture and focus light to spotlight your subject and virtually eliminate light pollution. Resist the buildup of dirt and other debris, and clean with ease. 

Guardian lighting solution lenses can be tempered, cut, coated, printed and polished to meet your design and application specifications. Get both more aesthetic appeal and performance that will add value to your lighting applications.

Minimize energy use

Do you want to increase your lighting efficiency up to 10% with one simple step? The Guardian lighting solutions' anti-reflective lenses are a smart choice. Because the solutions heighten light transmission, you achieve the same lighting result with fewer fixtures, lower installation costs, less maintenance and reduced ongoing energy consumption.

Guardian Lighting Performance Calculator

Our Lighting Performance Calculator provides a quick look at possible performance and total cost of ownership gains using high-performance Guardian glass lenses. You can use our calculator to compare potential performance, explore possible fixture count reductions, reduce fixture energy costs and estimate payback period for lighting projects. Evaluate your lighting project in our calculator with a variety of high-performance glass and coating lens configurations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Launch the calculator now.

Count on Guardian
Guardian is committed to innovation, precision and you. We partner to develop custom solutions with industry innovators. Guardian lighting solutions are designed to meet your most rigorous specifications and manufactured with stringent quality controls.
Guardian offers global supply-chain management, value-driven research and development, and just-in-time procurement—all to provide your company with high-quality large-scale lighting lenses that easily integrate into your high-demand manufacturing systems, exactly when and where you need them. Guardian can work with you from conception to component to finished product.
Partners appreciate our global expertise, breadth of technical capabilities, financial stability, investments in innovation and commitment to environmental sustainability.
Contact us for a custom solution. Our engineers are skilled collaborators, ready to innovate with you.

Large-scale lighting solutions

Why partner with Guardian for innovative lighting design solutions? Guardian offers a variety of glass and coating combinations as well as downstream fabrication capabilities to help you solve your lighting design challenges.


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