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Guardian Glass: Global yet local in countries around the world.

Guardian Glass manufactures products for the commercial (Guardian SunGuard advanced architectural glass), residential (Guardian ClimaGuard), interiors (Guardian InGlass, Guardian ShowerGuard), automotive and technical glass industry segments. Its products include both float and value-added coated glass-products, such as tempered glass, low-emissivity (low-E) glass, mirrored and patterned glass, solar glass and insulating and reflective glass for a wide range of construction projects.

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InGlass® Advanced Interior Glass
Brings together Guardian's entire interior product line allowing the opportunity to experience the variety of glass in one place.


SunGuard® Advanced Architectural Glass
Combines beauty and flexibility with proven energy savings for your projects in your regions of the world.


ClimaGuard® Residential Glass
Makes homes more efficient, beautiful, comfortable and safe.


Technical Glass Electronic Glass
Includes electronic-grade glass, as well as, refrigeration, lighting, and other advanced technologies.


Automotive Green Tinted Glass
Tinted glass for solar management glass.


Armour-G Security Glass
Laminated glass series provides superior protection and performance.


UltraClear Low-Iron Glass
Noticeably more clear and color neutral than standard float glass.


Tempered Glass
It is more resistant to breakage than normal float glass.


Insulating Glass Units
Insulating glass units improve the thermal performance of glazing by providing a thermal break.


Heat-Strengthened Glass
Less prone to spontaneous breakage than tempered glass.


Float Glass
Float glass is manufactured around the world using the latest glass-making technology.


Heavy Float Glass
Our stouter heavy glass product offers some very distinct advantages.



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Energy-Efficient/Low-E Glass
Guardian Glass has developed a number of different coatings to achieve the proper balance between capturing and reflecting solar heat while increasing energy efficiency.


Solar Control/High-Performance Glass
Solar control products often have more reflectance and specialize in blocking heat while high performance products offer a variety of appearance and light transmission options.


Laminated, Safety & Security Glass
Guardian Glass offers a wide array of performance glass products that protect against all elements – keeping heat, cold, noise and “bad guys” out.  And the “good stuff” in.


Interior & Decorative Glass
Our interior and decorative glass creates a decor statement and ambiance unlike any other.  Design forward with our Guardian InGlass portfolio. 



Around the corner & around the world
Guardian has been in the glass business for more than 80 years - yet some of our most technologically-advanced products were just introduced. Our tradition of excellence includes innovation and vision, a process that has continued to accelerate since we opened our first float glass plant in Carleton, Michigan in 1970. Over the years, we've expanded our manufacturing capabilities and now serve every major market in the world. We are global yet local, around the corner and around the world. We have a glass solution for your needs from a convenient location.

Learn more about our history. Read about recent activities. Find a location near you.

Glass news
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Guardian Glass Introduces New Glass Visualization Tool - Architects and designers can now see an accurate visual impression of Guardian SunGuard exterior coated glass products under varying lighting conditions with the new Guardian Glass Visualizer.

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Guardian Glass Introduces SunGuard Spandrel HT - Guardian Glass now offers SunGuard Spandrel HT, a new glass product designed for building facade spandrel applications.

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Guardian SunGuard Installed on New SLS Las Vegas - The Las Vegas strip ushered in a new generation of hotel and casinos with the grand opening of SLS Las Vegas. Guardian SunGuard AG 50 and SunGuard SNR 43 contribute to the appeal.

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