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There’s only one name you need to know: Guardian

Making float glass requires a specific knowledge of chemistry and physics, and continually improving the science and process of float glass manufacturing is a core competency at Guardian. Guardian® glass is manufactured around the world using the latest glass-making technology to produce float glass for a variety of applications in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.


  • High light transmission 
  • Optical clarity 
  • Can be further fabricated into reflective, low-E, laminated, security, insulating, heat-treated and ceramic decorated glass


Clear Glass: Ideal where high visibility and clarity are required. Thicknesses from 1.7 mm to 12 mm.

  • Windows 
  • Solariums 
  • Shelves 
  • Tabletops 
  • Skylights
  • Greenhouses 
  • Display cases 
  • Picture frame glass
  • Doors 
  • Mirrors
  • Handrails 
  • Appliances 
  • Atriums 
  • Safety glazing 
  • Furniture applications

Green Glass: Suitable when high light transmission and reduced solar heat gain are required. Standard thicknesses from 2 mm through 8 mm (5/16"); other thicknesses may be available on request.

  • Windows 
  • Solariums 
  • Tabletops 
  • Skylights
  • Handrails 
  • Atriums 
  • Safety glazing 
  • Furniture applications

Bronze and Gray Glass: Suitable when reduced light transmission and reduced solar heat gain are required and when color is desired to enhance aesthetics and increase design flexibility. Standard thicknesses of 3, 5, and 6 mm; other thicknesses may be available on request.

Specialty Tints

CrystalBlue™ Glass: The latest addition to the Guardian Industries commercial glass portfolio gives architects expanded choice in aesthetics and performance. Guardian CrystalBlue is our new glass substrate, rendered in a beautiful, soft blue color—with outstanding light transmission and energy performance.

UltraClear™ Glass: Standard clear glass is actually far from clear. To make UltraClear float glass, Guardian uses a raw material formula that increases light transmission and neutrality while reducing the greenish tint that is most apparent in clear glass when viewed from the edge. This green tint becomes more visible as standard glass gets thicker. The result is pure, sparkling, very clear glass. Available in thicknesses ranging from 3 mm to 12 mm and sizes up to 130” x 204”.

CrystalGray® Glass: CrystalGray float glass is an innovative new float glass substrate with a very light gray tint, ideal for a wide range of architectural glass markets. In addition to an attractive neutral color, CrystalGray float glass offers an improved light to solar gain ratio compared to standard blue and gray tinted float glass. The technology behind CrystalGray float glass allows higher light transmission while reflecting infrared energy, thereby reducing the heat gain for many architectural applications. This new float glass in combination with Guardian’s high-performance coatings can help buildings achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Like standard float glass, all Guardian specialty tinted glass can be used monolithically, tempered, laminated and fabricated. It can also be used as the exterior or interior lite of a vision insulated glass unit or in spandrel glass applications. Available in various thicknesses.

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For more information about float glass products, contact one of these North American Guardian locations:

    Carleton, Michigan

  Corsicana, Texas
  DeWitt, Iowa
  Geneva, New York

  Kingsburg, California
  Richburg, South Carolina

From anywhere, contact the Guardian location near you.

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