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Guardian Choice

Guardian Choice is an innovation in customer service available at our Galax, Virginia location. It was created in response to growing demand for specialty and advanced performance glass, and designed to help glass suppliers serve more customers and fulfill more projects in the growing specialty glass market.

What you want. When you need it.

Our fabricator and distributor customers can:
Offer more choices to their own customers, putting the full power of the Guardian glass portfolio to work for their businesses.
Optimize their ordering and purchasing, stocking a broad array of Guardian glass products in quantities that make the most sense for their businesses.
Leverage greater flexibility to try new and specialty products, and to bid on and fulfill more projects.

How it works

Contact your Guardian representative for a Guardian Choice quote, or get in touch with Guardian Choice directly at 800.822.5599, and we’ll help you build your custom order. Take delivery direct from Guardian Choice in partial or mixed truckloads for lower-volume orders. Standard order and delivery are always available through your local float plant for your high-volume needs.

If you are not a fabricator or distributor purchasing direct from Guardian, get in touch with your glass suppliers. We’re here to help, if you have trouble sourcing a Guardian product.

Available products

A wide range of interior and exterior glass products are available through Guardian Choice. Contact your Guardian representative, or view our product list for the most up-to-date details on product availability.

Guardian InGlass advanced interior glass
     Berman Glass editions signature textures
     DiamondGuard® scratch-resistant glass
     SatinDeco® acid-etched glass
     ShowerGuard® permanent shower protection
     Standard textures patterned glass
Guardian ClimaGuard® residential glass
Guardian Neutral 70 durable low-E glass
Guardian SunGuard® advanced architectural glass
SunGuard Spandrel HT
Tinted float glass
Heavy float glass
Mirror and transparent mirror
Laminated glass

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Guardian Global Headquarters
2300 Harmon Rd.
Auburn Hills, MI  48326
248.340.9988 (fax)

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