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Guardian launches DiamondGuard® in Europe

A unique glass engineered to go where no glass has gone before

Luxembourg, Oct 1st – Guardian Industries today announces that its research team developed DiamondGuard®, a high endurance glass which is more durable and looks like new lounger than ordinary glass. DiamondGuard’s patented diamond-like carbon coating is encouraging architects or furniture manufacturers to use glass for applications that were previously reserved for other materials. Available in Europe in annealed and temperable versions, DiamondGuard meets the requirements of the various European Building Regulations and Standards for safety glass, making it suitable for public use.

Superior durability opens up a world of possibilities for customers

With its low coefficient of friction, DiamondGuard allows the glass to retain its like-new appearance longer than ordinary glass even in high-traffic environments. Laboratory tests have shown DiamondGuard’s surface to have exceptional resistance to abrasion after thousands of contacts with ordinary items when compared with regular glass..

This translates to longer lifecycles and long-lasting beauty but also to a greater flexibility in how the glass can be used. Beyond traditional applications such as counter tops, tables and mirrors, DiamondGuard is suitable for demanding applications including trade show displays, staircases and railings, elevators and wall partitions. This versatility has already won over such customers as the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas and the Empire State Building in New York, two examples of challenging high traffic environments. “Before DiamondGuard, we were replacing some mirrors every 6 to 8 weeks, and now the lifetime of those mirrors is over 6 months”, said Robert Hadley, Treasure Island Facilities manager, Las Vegas.

DiamondGuard’s versatility also extends to its ability to be customized with other Guardian InGlass® solutions to enhance aesthetics or performance. It’s available with our lacquered DecoCristal® finish with the same color choice as any other of our InGlass range. It is also compatible with our acid etched SatinDeco® finish (DiamondGuard coating on the opposite side) and our copper free UltraMirror®. For even more customization or soundproofing purposes, it can be laminated and further processed to exact customer specifications.

How does DiamondGuard work?

Guardian Industries Science & Technology Center developed DiamondGuard, leveraging a patented Russian space travel ion beam technology and the physical properties of nanoscopic carbon structures. The DiamondGuard layer consists of carbon atoms that are merged with the glass’s surface through a vacuum deposition coater. This unique production process, developed by Guardian, creates a nanoscopic carbon layer with a very low coefficient of friction that gives the glass increased resistance to normal wear.

“Thanks to DiamondGuard, architects and furniture manufacturers will see their creative possibilities expand and glass resellers will benefit from new sales opportunities”, explains Rolf Petrmichl, scientist at Guardian STC. “From what was originally developed as a Russian aerospace technology, we have created a coating, structurally similar to diamond, that paves the way for unprecedented glass applications and further cements glass as an all-around, sophisticated material for interior design that can meet any need, request or taste. It has been challenging to develop a temperable version but now, DiamondGuard is even more versatile and will take glass where no other glass has gone before.”

For more information about DiamondGuard® or to order samples, please visit our website

About Guardian Industries Corp.:

Guardian is a diversified global manufacturing company headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with leading positions in float glass, fabricated glass products, fiberglass insulation and other building materials for commercial, residential and automotive applications. Its automotive trim group, SRG Global Inc., is one of the world’s largest suppliers of advanced, high value coatings on plastics. Through its Science & Technology Center, Guardian is at the forefront of innovation including development of high performance glass coatings and other advanced products. Guardian, its subsidiaries and affiliates employ 18,000 people and operate facilities throughout North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Visit our website


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