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Pennsylvania couple finishes remodel with a flourish thanks to free ShowerGuard glass enclosure from Guardian Industries

Auburn Hills, Mich., July 26, 2011 – A Pennsylvania couple got some good news during a tough time when they learned they were the recipients of a free ShowerGuard glass shower enclosure offered through a sweepstakes from Guardian Industries.

Lauri and Bill Smith had just started an addition on their Warminster Township home when Bill Smith was laid off from his construction job.

“We already had a hole in the back of the house and a line of credit, so we kept going,” Lauri Smith explained. Bill Smith got to work at home, putting in extensive tile in the bath and finishing a larger corner shower.

Smith had already decided to delay completion. “I knew I wanted a really nice, frameless shower door and I knew it was going to be expensive, so I bought a little shower curtain, and I was going to wait,” she said. “But we had a bit of money left on our line of credit, so I decided to get it done.”

She headed to Doylestown Glass on the referral of a big box store, which said the Registered ShowerGuard Dealer had a better selection. Smith appreciated the honesty of Doylestown Glass Manager Dan Krier. “I asked Dan if they felt the prices were competitive,” she said. “He said they are not the cheapest, but the quality was worth it. And he was correct.

“In Warminster Township, we have very hard water,” Smith added, so it was important to address the issue of hard water stains.”

Krier had an easy answer. “Guardian sells itself, but I happen to have ShowerGuard at home,” he explained. “I have city water and it’s probably easier to clean, but I’ve had it five years and once it’s cleaned up, it looks good as new.”

“We’re all familiar with the dirty or cloudy appearance glass sometimes has,” explained Diane Turnwall, director of Interiors for Guardian Industries. “Hard water is high in dissolved minerals that can build up on shower glass, making it appear dirty or cloudy.

“ShowerGuard glass is protected during manufacturing with a patented ion beam process that permanently seals the glass surface. The result is a shower that stays beautiful shower after shower, with just a minimal amount of cleaning.”

The next step is fabrication, which for Doylestown Glass comes courtesy of Oldcastle Building Envelope, Moorestown, New Jersey. Smith’s shower door was purchased, ordered, fabricated and installed in three weeks.

Smith was primarily interested in the rebate Guardian was offering so it came as quite a surprise when Gary Klinger from Guardian called her to deliver the good news that she had won the sweepstakes. "She didn’t believe I was telling her the truth," Klinger chuckled, "She called me a liar five times before actually accepting the idea she had won."

“I can’t begin to tell you how excited and grateful I am to win,” Smith added. “We love our shower door. I’ve referred my brother, and when we remodel our second bath, we’ll be back!”

Krier said Smith was a great customer who knew what she wanted when she picked ShowerGuard, as do more than half Doylestown Glass’ shower glass customers. “Customers today want the clearest glass; they like to see the interior tile work. If they clean it, it looks good for many years, and for most people, that’s all they need to hear.”

“ShowerGuard is something the industry needed for a long time.”

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Guardian is a diversified global manufacturing company headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with leading positions in float glass, fabricated glass products, fiberglass insulation and other building materials for commercial, residential and automotive applications. Its automotive trim group, SRG Global Inc., is one of the world’s largest suppliers of advanced, high value coatings on plastics. Through its Science & Technology Center, Guardian is at the forefront of innovation including development of high performance glass coatings and other advanced products. Guardian, its subsidiaries and affiliates employ 18,000 people and operate facilities throughout North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Visit

ShowerGuard is a registered trademark of Guardian Industries Corp.

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